Springfield Student Representative Committee

What does the SRC do?

At USQ Springfield the Student Representative Committee:

  • represents our students and ensures that they are part of the campus decision-making process
  • plays an important part in the social side of campus life, working with the Student Guild to plan and promote sporting, community and cultural events
  • helps you play your part in the world - inspiring you to debate and take action on issues ranging from social awareness to the environment
  • edit the student newspaper – The Ashes.

Who is the SRC?

If you have an idea or an issue you want to discuss, contact one of your committed SRC members:

  • President - Sheree Pratt
  • Vice President - Rebecca Virgen
  • Secretary - Timothy Wright
  • Student Newspaper Editor - Charlotte Brown 
  • Undergraduate representatives:
    • Faculty of Arts - Jamie Osborne
    • Faculty of Business and Law - Jordan James
    • Faculty of Education - Jessica Stone
    • Faculty of Engineering and Surveying - Dolly Kaur
    • Faculty of Sciences - Heidi Suanders
    • Postgraduate student representative - Ron North 
    • International student representative - Enoch Sasieh 


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