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USQ Academic and Governance representatives

At USQ we have created positions in our university committees to allow you to represent your fellow students, and to ensure that students are considered in decision making processes.

All Nominations and Elections for 2015 have now concluded. The next round of nominations will be open in 2016. More information on available positions will be posted in May 2016.

How do I become a representative? 

Nominations and elections are held once a year, at the beginning of Semester 2. Information on how to nominate and election dates is available. 

What committee will I be able to join?

Consult the list of available positions to determine if you are eligible. Student representative positions are available for all students. If you study online, you are able to tele-conference into meetings. 

Why should I become a representative?

Becoming a student representative opens up a number of opportunities within the University and the community: 

  • become part of a group of students that network with professionals at USQ 

  • contribute to decision making by representing the views of your current students 

  • participate in professional development and training 

  • have the opportunity to attend the National Student Leadership Forum 

  • have a say in how to spend your Student Amenities Fee. 

What will I be required to do? 

As a student representative you will be required to understand the role of the committee on which you serve. Committees are set up for different reasons, and once elected there are certain duties you may have to undertake including: 
  • attend and provide a voice for students at the scheduled committee meetings 

  • access meeting documents prior to meetings to ensure that you are well informed

  • gather information required to ensure student representation at these meetings 

Are there additional opportunities for elected student representatives?

 Yes. Elected student representatives can also be a representative on the USQ Student Forum. Two student representatives will also have the opportunity to attend the National Student Leadership Forum in Canberra. Student Representatives will also have access to various professional development courses. 

For more information, contact Phoenix Central.

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