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Whether you are just interested to learn more about the universe as part of your USQ studies, or aiming for formal qualifications in astronomy to push some scientific frontiers, USQ has a program to suit, and we offer:

  • Access USQ's on-campus observatory, modern remote-access telescopes at Mt Kent Observatory and high-performance computing facilities.
  • Observations of both northern and southern skies using USQ’s Shared Skies Partnership with the University of Louisville in the USA .
  • Teaching staff with national recognition for their astronomy education initiatives.
  • World class researchers involved in leading international collaborations in the field of stellar astronomy and planetary systems.

Career prospects


Estimated percentage of sun-like stars with a planet whose size and temperature could make it habitable
Keck Observatory

Telescopes are time machines for viewing cosmic history, and help us explore our origins, place in the universe, and possible future.

Assoc Prof Brad Carter
USQ Astrophysics Group
Number 1

in Queensland for graduates in full-time employment.

Graduate Destinations Survey, 2012-2014