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Getting USQConnect access for Markers

Markers for EASE can only be added into the system if they have: an official USQ contract, access to USQConnect and a USQ email address. The Student Admin system access form should be sent out to the marker to be signed at the same time as the contract. The New computer user request form should be filled out asap as the process can take up to 5 working days to complete. Please contact your faculty administration staff for further information.

  • USQConnect access - Student Admin system access form
    (Access Option 1 must be selected. Under the email address field, if you have completed the new computer user request form, please add in "Requested 18/03/2008 (current date))

  • USQ email - New computer user request form
    This form MUST be completed in order for the marker to get a USQ email address. This can take up to 5 working days to process, so please complete the online form before contract and Student Admin System Access form is sent to the Faculty of Business HR officer
    (only need to fill out following fields on the form)
    • Staff Member Details
      • Supervisor/Manager: Course Examiner
      • Ext No: 5592
      • Employment Status: New
      • Surname: Jones
      • First Name: Jack
      • Staff ID: 044434 or "Unknown"
      • Department/Faculty: Business
      • Position: Marker
      • Staff Type: Academic
      • Campus: Toowoomba
      • Appointment: Contract
      • Commencement Date: 20/03/2008
    • Standard IT Requirements
      • Email Account: Yes

If you have any queries or problems regarding the system, please contact us through USQAssist. To ask a question, you will need to log in using your USQConnect username and password.

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