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Submissionmanagement icon Submission management

Under Submission management you can view submission details, moderate grades, read/add comments and feedback, release marks to Gradebook.

This area is for the course examiner to manage and track the transition of submissions from tracking what assignments have been marked, viewing internal comments from markers, moderating marks and then exporting marks to gradebook. Below Figure 1 is an explanation of icons you may come across on the submission management page.

Figure 1 - Submission management screenshot

Submission Management screenshot

OLD The submission has been superseded by a newer one by the student.
Workgroup[ The indicated student submitted for the workgroup.
Ready to transfer The submission's mark is set to be transferred into PeopleSoft's Gradebook.
New comments New comments have been posted since you last viewed the submission's details.
old comments Comments exist for this submission.
flagged Flagged for moderator/examiner attention.

If you have any queries or problems regarding the system, please contact us through USQAssist. To ask a question, you will need to log in using your USQConnect username and password.

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