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Submission status icon Submission status

Under Submission status you can view status of submission (eg unsubmitted, submitted, allocated to a marker, released to the student), submit submission on behalf of student, and setup extensions for individual students.

Figure 1 - Submission status screenshot

Submission status screenshot

Submitting of behalf of student

Course examiners/support staff can submit electronic submissions that may have been emailed to them if the student for some reason was having difficulties or were unable to upload submission into EASE. Steps to submit a submission on behalf of a student. The steps below are relevant up until the cut-off date for the assignment piece. If the assignment is past the cut-off date, you will need to go to Assignment piece set-up and adjust the cut-off date so you can submit:

  1. Select Submit beside the students name.
  2. Select Browse to navigate to the file on your computer - select the appropriately named file and select Open.
  3. Select Attach the file button. Once the page has refreshed you will see the file you have just attached in the Attached Files box showing the name of the file, the date it was uploaded and the size.
    Repeat Steps 2 to 3 if you have multiple files that you need to upload and attach.
  4. Under the Comments area add a summary of why you were submitting eg "Debbie Rhodes, Support Officer, has submitted Assignment 1 on behalf of student due to technical issues experienced by such student".
  5. Select Confirm attached files button.
  6. Tick the box beside the Declaration. If you do not tick the box beside the Declaration the system will not allow you to finalise your submission. Once you have ticked the box, select Finalise submission button.
  7. The next page is confirmation of receipt of the submission with the file/s you attached previously. The student will now receive an email to their regular email address confirming the submission details.


If you have any queries or problems regarding the system, please contact us through USQAssist. To ask a question, you will need to log in using your USQConnect username and password.

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