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How to navigate the USQStudyDesk

Your USQStudyDesk is the online environment for your courses of study. This is the place where you access both the content and the tools that allow you to communicate with students and teaching staff in your course. Courses will vary in the content available and features utilised but may include:

  • content modules and resources
  • messages from your lecturer
  • discussion forums or
  • assessment items.

Please spend some time to familiarise yourself with the content and links available in your course.

USQStudyDesk home page

When you log into your USQStudyDesk you will be taken to your personalised USQStudyDesk home page which gives your course list and other useful links and information. USQ has opted to use three columns as the standard format, but it is possible that in some instances you might see one or two columns.

Overview of my courses

Generally, the left and right-hand columns contain a number of 'blocks'. Try clicking on the links within the blocks to navigate to different pages. Blocks displayed in the above example are:

  • Useful Links, My Courses and Latest news
  • Calendar, Upcoming Events and Messages

The middle column displays a welcome message and a list of the courses in which you are currently enrolled.

Course home page

To open a course, click on the course name. The course home page has the same format as the Study Desk home page.

Course home page

This middle column is where you will find course related content. For fully online course all content will be accessed here, but for courses which have CD-ROM or print delivery online content will vary. In the example above, the course has been set up with a News items, a Social forum and a link to Course materials. The course content has been organised in a weekly format.

Discussion forums can also be accessed from the Activities block.

Navigation tools

There are a number of ways to move around the course.



The last word in the list tells you the current page. You can click on the previous words to navigate back to those pages.

Jump to

Jump to

The 'Next / Previous' buttons will take you back and forth between the activities and resources in the order in which they appear in the course topics, whilst clicking the drop down list will allow you to select from the complete list, in topic order, and 'Jump to...' your selection.

Show/Hide show/hide

Clicking on the small square located at the right-hand side of the content section enables you to show or hide that content.

Browser navigation


Finally, it is possible to navigate between pages by using the navigation buttons on your web browser. This is not recommended. You will obtain more consistent results by using the navigation options within the website and course pages.

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