Domestic travel

All staff should familiarise themselves with the Directed Travel Policy and Conference and Other Assisted Travel Policy as well as your department/faculties processes and procedures.

If you have previously not logged on to the World Travel Professionals (WTP) Travel Portal, please print the WTP instruction guide to e-traveller and e-book before proceeding with the instructions below.

Steps to organise directed and conference and other assisted travel


Step 1 Log onto the WTP Travel Portal and update your e-traveller profile. If you have not previously had travel arranged by the Corporate Travel Office, please contact your respective Travel Officer
Step 2 Build your proposed itinerary in the WTP Travel Portal using e-book. Please ensure the approver email address is your faculty/departments travel email address. This itinerary will be emailed to your faculty/departments travel mailbox. Please advise in the additional details section any likely travel expenses i.e. internet and business phone calls.
Step 3  The Corporate Travel Office will generate the Travel Request form (Directed or Assisted) which will contain quotes for all travel expenses. (No bookings will be held at this point). Please ensure the Corporate Travel Office is made aware of all likely travel expenses ie internet and business phone calls. This form will be returned to you to complete the following:
  • University benefit from travel
  • Working days absent from USQ
  • Dept ID, program and project codes
  • Health/medical condition which may impact travel
  • Supervisor's recommendation
  • Authorised Delegate's signature
  • Financial Delegate's approval. 
Step 4  Return the completed Travel Request form to the Corporate Travel Office. 
Step 5  The Corporate Travel Office will make all bookings and provide you with the completed itinerary and any necessary confirmations. 
Step 6  On completion of your travel if you have approved meals or other expenses to claim, you are required to complete the Domestic travel claim form and return it to the Corporate Travel Office with full receipts within 7 working days. 

If you are unsure on how to complete any of these forms, require confirmation on this process or any other travel information, please contact the Corporate Travel Office staff