Domestic Travel Diary

Travel Diary is a diary in which an employee records detail of each business activity engaged in while undertaking travel. Diary entries must contain sufficient details to give a reasonable guide as to the extent to which the trip was undertaken for business purposes and must give enough detail to relate that activity to the employee's job.

When do I need to complete a Travel Diary?

You must properly complete a Travel Diary for:

  • all domestic travel that involves being away from home for more than five consecutive nights
  • all domestic travel that includes an element of private travel
  • all international travel.

What details do I need to record?

The employee must make the record at the time of, or as soon as reasonably practicable after the conclusion of, the activity and must detail particulars of:

  • the date the entry was made
  • the place where the activity was undertaken
  • the date and approximate time when the activity commenced
  • the duration of the activity
  • the nature of the activity
  • the employee's signature.

Need an example?

Date of activity/appointment

Start time Finish time Location of activity/appointment Nature of activity/appointment Date of entry 
09/06/06 1.00pm 2.00pm Toowoomba Pick up rental car 09/06/06
09/06/06 6.30pm 9.00pm Toowoomba - Brisbane Travel from Toowoomba to Brisbane Airport 09/06/06
09/06/06 9.30pm 10.00pm Brisbane Return rental car 09/06/06
09/06/06 11.00pm 5.30am Transit Travel from Brisbane to Singapore 10/06/06
10/06/06 6.00am 7.00am Singapore Travel from Singapore airport to hotel 10/06/06
10/06/06 2.00pm 6.00pm Singapore Teaching School 10/06/06
11/06/06 10.00am 6.00pm Singapore Teaching School 11/06/06
12/06/06 7.00pm 10.00pm Singapore Teaching School 12/06/06
13/06/06 7.00pm 10.00pm Singapore Teaching School 13/06/06
14/06/06 7.00am 8.00am Singapore Travel from hotel to Singapore Airport 14/06/06
14/06/06 10.00am 7.30pm Transit Travel from Singapore to Brisbane 15/06/06
14/06/06 8.00pm 10.00pm Brisbane Travel from Brisbane to Toowoomba 15/06/06