Medical / travel insurance

The Corporate Travel Office can refer you to relevant health professionals who can provide pre-travel medical and immunisation information. Please contact your respective Travel Officer.

Travel insurance

All USQ staff travelling on Directed or Assisted Travel are automatically covered by USQ's Travel Insurance Policy. 

Staff who have a portion of private travel undertaken in association with Directed or Assisted travel are advised to contact the Corporate Travel Office as they may be required to take out a commercial travel insurance policy if USQ funded insurance does not cover the element of private travel.

Pre-existing medical conditions

If you are aware of an existing health/medical condition which may impact on your travel, you must:

  • indicate this on your Travel Application
  • obtain medical clearance through your doctor.

Approval will not be granted until a satisfactory medical clearance is obtained. If a satisfactory medical clearance is not obtained, you will not be permitted to undertake travel on USQ business. Medical clearances will be retained on your personal file held within Human Resources. 

International SOS

USQ subscribes to services from International SOS, the world's leading provider of medical assistance, international healthcare and security services.

International SOS provides information about your destinations before you travel, including medical and security risks and how to stay safe and well. While you're away, you can contact International SOS for:

  • any medical, travel or security assistance
  • general enquiries
  • a referral to a doctor or dentist
  • concerns about a worsening security situation
  • access to legal advice
  • information for women travelling alone
  • assistance if your passport, clothing, wallet etc is lost or stolen
  • interpreters
  • and more 

If it's an emergency, International SOS can assist with referrals to medical practitioners and can even arrange for evacuation with medical escorts on commercial flights or air ambulances.

You will be issued with our International SOS membership number when a travel request is received in the Corporate Travel Office.