While all transport requirements, except USQ Pool Cars, are to be made via your respective Travel Officer, you may be interested in the following information:

USQ pool cars

Transport Services offer a choice of vehicles for use by University staff. Use of vehicles is restricted to official University business.

Hire car

The University has a selection of contracted suppliers.  The best daily rate will be booked.

Private vehicle

Employees who use their private vehicles for USQ business are responsible for any damage whatsoever that might occur to the vehicle during this use. USQ employees should be aware that if their private vehicles are used, the vehicles will not be covered under USQ insurance, and that their compulsory third party or comprehensive insurances may not cover the use of their vehicles for business purposes. Employees are advised to check with their insurance company. In many cases insurance companies will issue cover notes for such purposes at no extra cost.

If a private vehicle is to be used, you will be required to detail the circumstances necessitating the use of the private vehicle. If employees are going to use their private vehicle, approval must be sought from the authorised delegate. For further information please refer to the policies:

Airport transfers

The University has various preferred suppliers.  The most appropriate form of transfer will be booked by the Corporate Travel Office.