Springfield travel

All staff should familiarise themselves with the Directed Travel Policy.

Getting to Springfield

For staff travelling between the Toowoomba and Springfield campuses, the Springfield vehicle should be the preferred method of transport and the first option. 

Please contact the springfieldreception@usq.edu.au for bookings. You will be given full details when booking the vehicle regarding

  • paperwork
  • logbook required to be completed by the driver.

* Please note that if any other mode of transport is being used and the charges are to paid by Springfield, the Campus Executive Manager of USQ Springfield's approval must be obtained prior to travel.


The 20 parking bays in the area closest to the campus have been numbered and permanent allocations have made for USQ vehicles and some designated positions. The row of parking bays in this area closest to Sinnathamby Blvd are managed for authorised visitors. Bookings for these are to be made by email to springfieldparking@usq.edu.au stating the driver, time required, registration number and a very brief reason for the visit. On confirmation a parking bay number will be allocated. A ‘reserved’ marker will be placed in the bay. If the requirement is cancelled please contact USQ Reception so it can be reallocated.


1. Travel from Toowoomba to Springfield

1.1. In Toowoomba, please collect the vehicle folder from the Security Office in Z3 block. The vehicle folder contains vehicle keys, log book, emergency mobile phone with charger, fuel card and map with directions. Sign "Key register" held in Security office to confirm receipt of keys.


1.2. Driver reads and signs Rules Applicable form, if not previously completed and hands it back to the Administration Manager on arrival at Springfield.Please see form attached.


1.3. Driver will be required to transport the internal mail.


1.4. Driver will load these items into the vehicle. Security staff will help to load heavy items into the vehicle if requested.


1.5. Driver is responsible for accurately completing the logbook contained within vehicle folder for each leg of journey.


1.6. Vehicle keys and accessories must be immediately returned to the Administration Manager or delegate on arrival at Springfield.


2. Travel from Springfield to Toowoomba


2.1. In Springfield, the vehicle keys and accessories are collected from the Administration Manager or delegate on Level 1.


2.2. Driver reads and signs Rules Applicable form, if not previously completed, and hands it back to the Administration Manager.


2.3. Driver will be required to transport the internal mail. These items will usually be loaded by Administration and Library staff.


2.4. Upon arrival in Toowoomba, the driver should park outside of the campus Security Office, and unload the internal mail before parking in the designated parking bay. Security staff will help unload heavy items if requested.


2.5. Driver is responsible for accurately completing the logbook contained within vehicle folder for each leg of journey.


2.6. Vehicle keys and accessories must be immediately given to the campus Security office upon conclusion of your journey.


If the fuel gauge is less than three quarters full, the driver must fill the tank. The Hiace and Tarago run on standard unleaded fuel only, while the IMAX Shuttle, Hyundais and Ford Mondeos run on diesel only.. Drivers of the Springfield vehicles are advised that USQ now uses the "Caltex Star Card" for fuel and oil purchases. These cards are accepted at a large number of Caltex Australia service stations as well as Ampol, Woolworths Plus and IFS (Independent Fuel Supplies) outlets.


The Caltex Star Card may be used to purchase Standard Unleaded fuel and top-up oil for the vehicle matching the details on the card. The Caltex Star Card cannot be used to purchase any Premium Unleaded fuels. Drivers must provide the service station operator with the vehicle's odometer reading for each transaction.


Please refer to the instructions provided in the vehicle accessories for further information.

The driver must advise the Administration Manager or delegate on 3470 4100 of any changes to the booked use of the vehicle including running late, an extra passenger, a missing passenger.

Please ensure that you take your rubbish with you and do not leave any food or drinks in the car. Also please ensure that all the lights are switched off when you park especially at night or on cloudy days.


Staff members are required to check the vehicle folder each time they use the vehicle to ensure that it has the logbook, fuel card, and car keys. Staff are to ensure that the last end-of-journey odometer reading in the logbook is consistent with the current starting reading, and report any discrepancies immediately as this may indicate unauthorised use of vehicles. Also, staff are advised to check the vehicle and carry out safety checks before they drive off in the University vehicle and if the checks are carried out, and damage has been detected, they need to report any faults or issues that they find immediately to the Campus Admin Manager and an incident report needs to be lodged by the staff member. If possible, photos should be taken of any damage at the time it is detected.


Further use of vehicles is subject to compliance with the rules. When items are transported between Toowoomba and Springfield, staff members need to adhere to these requirements:
• Cargo cannot be carried in a passenger vehicle unless it is appropriately secured and restrained (preferably behind a cargo barrier),
• Only small light items of a personal nature may be carried in the passenger compartment of a vehicle,
• Seat belts cannot be used to secure cargo, and
• Seat backs are not cargo barriers and are not be used for such a purpose.

It is the responsibility of the person sending the packages, the driver and personnel loading the vehicles to ensure we do not breach the safety requirements. If you are asked to load a vehicle or drive a vehicle in contravention of these requirements you should seek clarity from your supervisor and contact USQ-Safe.


In exceptional circumstances if staff are required to stay overnight at Springfield the first choice for accommodation should be at Education City - Springfield. The USQ Corporate Travel Office has full details of this accommodation and will book and pay for approved staff travel.