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Career Insights Conference - Employer/Industry Information

Date: 11 – 15 November, 2019
Location: Online

USQ students are invited to participate in this event to help realise their career goals over a five-day, online career conference. The USQ Careers and Employability team and our industry guests will be providing the knowledge, tips and practical advice for succeeding at work and preparing for a successful career!

How can you get involved?

We hope to have employer representatives engaged with as many initiatives over the week as possible. You will have the chance to profile your organisation to our students through participating as an employer guest during the presentations and/or connect and engage with them through the interactive activities.

All sessions will be held online using Zoom technology. Whether you're a guest in our webinar presentation or a participant in an activity we will provide you information and/or training on the technology and what's involved in the session. A USQ Careers & Employability team member will be in touch closer to the event to organise a quick practice session with you. 

Session 1
Time: 5.30pm - 6.00pm

Session 2
Time: 6.15pm - 6.45pm

Session 3
Time: From 7pm

Monday, 11 Nov

Finding opportunities: Over 70% of jobs are unadvertised, how do you find these?

Description of session for students: Yes, it’s true, 70% of jobs are unadvertised and, in this webinar, we will take you through the steps to navigate and find opportunities in the hidden job market.

USQ Presenter: Jennifer Burke
Guest Panel of USQ Graduates

Future world of work: Bridge the skill gap

Description of session for students: Hear about how the world of work is changing, what skills will be needed in the future and what steps you can take to harness these changes and develop the necessary skills.

USQ Presenter: Deborah Munro
Guest Speaker: myFuture, Australia's National Careers Information Services

The art of an interview webinar + Find out what employers really think about your interview skills

Description of session for students: It’s make or break at this stage – to get the job you’ve got one opportunity to show why you are the best person for this job. Have you done your preparation? Do you know what to do at the interview? Did you know there’s follow up to be done? Find out more in this session!

Use Big Interview, our interview software and record yourself answering one of the interview questions we provide you. Submit this to us and we’ll get an employer to provide their real thoughts and feedback on your response.

USQ Presenter: Michael Healy

Interview Recording Judges (do not need to be available on the night):

  • Susan Fedorczyk, HR Partner, RMA Engineers
  • Robyn Lawson, HR Manager, GenEng Solutions
  • Currently recruiting. Interested? Contact us.

Careers and employability session for international students

Description of session for students: International students do face specific hurdles to locating work while they are a student and then when they seek graduate employment. Log in to this session for information on developing your own career strategy to reach your career goals.

USQ Presenter: Sarah Mitchell

Careers and employability session for higher degree by research students

Description of session for students: As a HDR Graduate it's important to develop your career strategy during your higher degree studies. Log in to this session for information on clarifying your career goals, developing an understanding of labour market factors and building your employability skills.

USQ Presenter: Jennifer Luke
Tuesday, 12 Nov

Creating your resume and identifying skill, experience and knowledge gaps

Description of session for students: A clear, tailored and professional resume is essential for any application. Learn how to use your resume to identify gaps and what is available while you’re studying to assist in filling these gaps.

USQ Presenter: Katie Baker
Guest Speaker: Cathy James, Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd

LinkedIn: Using it to your advantage

Description of session for students: Discover how to use LinkedIn to prepare, advance and grow your networks and career. Learn how to maintain connections; highlight your successes, strengths and motivations to assist in your career progression and/or job search.

USQ Presenter: Michael Healy

Are you looking for your first career?

Description of session for students: If you’re studying in order to start your career, attend this session to find out what you can do while studying to reach your career goal.

USQ Presenter: Jennifer Burke
Are you looking to advance in your career?

Description of session for students: If you’re studying in order to advance in your career, attend this session to find out what you can do while studying to reach your career goal.

USQ Presenter: Tessa McCredie
Wednesday, 13 Nov

Hear what employers look for in your cover letter & selection criteria

Description of session for students: Find out if the amount of time and effort you put into your cover letter or selection criteria is worth it? We’ll also go over the ‘must-knows’ for writing exceptional cover letters, selection criteria or statement of claims.

USQ Presenter: Rouz Fard
Guest Speaker: Maree Simon, GHD

Networking: Making the most of networking opportunities

Description of session for students: Networking or talking with employers can be daunting! We recognise this and want to give you the tools to make the most of these great opportunities whether it’s to start or further your career.

USQ Presenter: Jennifer Luke
Guest Speaker: Scott White, Industry and Innovation Manager  - Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Australian Pacific AIRBUS

Mini Online Assessment Centre

Description of session for students: An assessment centre tests your abilities in a group setting so assessors can predict your performance in the workplace. Assessment centres are most common in graduate programs and in large organisations where there is a large talent pool, and they can be one of the most daunting steps in a recruitment process. Develop your skills, get experience and feedback by attending this Mini Online Assessment centre.

USQ Presenter: Tessa McCredie
USQ Assessors: Katie Baker, Rouz Fard & Sarah Mitchell

Guest Assessors:

  • Marta Newport, National People & Culture Leader, Grant Thorton
  • Maree Simson, Student Recruitment and Development Advisor, GHD
  • Currently recruiting. Interested? Contact us.
Thursday, 14 Nov Professional Communication: Showing your best self

Description of session for students: Whether it’s through email, over the phone, in person or during a presentation the way you communicate and present yourself is key to getting your point across, building and maintaining relationships and showing a professional self. In this webinar find out the simple steps to achieve this!

USQ Presenter: Jennifer Burke
Guest Speaker: Katie Smith, current Business Owner, previous HR Officer at McConachie Stedman and Nexus. 
Intra & Entrepreneurship – Hear from those who have succeeded

Description of session for students: Whether you’re an innovator and problem solver within your current organisation; have a side hustle where you bring your passions to life; or you hope your own business can be your full time job – we'll introduce you to people who have done each of these and take you through how they did it.

USQ Presenter: Phoebe Tully
Guest Speakers: Hayley and Roger Mason, Settler Hives

Online Speed Networking (Management focus)

Description of session for students: Online Speed Networking is the quick way to expand your professional contacts. Combine the speed, excitement and benefits of speed networking with the comfort of your own desk!
This session is for people who have an interest in management roles. Get answers to your questions while meeting and building a relationship with a range of industry professionals currently in management roles. You may have questions around people management, prioritisation, their steps to success or their biggest challenges and successes…

USQ Presenter: Tessa McCredie
USQ Staff: Deborah Munro, Katie Baker

Guest Employers:

  • Liz John, QLD Health
  • Lisa Silver, Results Legal
  • William Honey, Queensland Corrective Services
  • James Burton, Commonwealth Bank
  • Ben Lusk, GenEng
  • Siobhan McCarville, Manager DTMR 
  • Currently recruiting. Interested? Contact us.
Friday, 15 Nov

From 12pm – 1pm
Ask me anything – Submit your career questions, we’ll answer them live!

Description of session for students: We have a panel of employers here ready to answer your career questions!
On registration to or during this webinar submit any burning questions you have for our panellist regarding their career or yours and we’ll answer them live!

USQ Presenter: Tessa McCredie

Panel Members:

  • Michael Healy, USQ
  • Ali Davenport, CEO, TSBE
  • Tim Smith, CFO, Newlands Construction
  • Kylee Randall, General Manager, Kehoe Myers