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Cultural gifts

The USQ Cultural Gifts Program encourages donations of items of cultural significance, such as paintings, lithographs, sculptures, ceramics, books, manuscripts, antique furniture, jewellery and collections of items of historical, technological, mechanical, scientific and anthropological significance.

Through the USQ Cultural Gifts Program, you can add to the USQ Art Collection or the USQ Historical Archives, ensuring the preservation and enjoyment of artworks and artefacts by current and future generations. 

The USQ Art Collection features over 700 works of art, including pieces by renowned Australian artists, Sidney Nolan, Edward Fristrom, Violet Teague, Fred Cress, Justin O’Brien and Charles Condor. It is used as an education resource for students and members of the public, as well as providing a socio-cultural and aesthetic function through the integration of art works into the social and cultural life of the University and its local communities.

The USQ Historical Archives include donated manuscripts, libraries, personal papers and photographs, medals, scientific collections, mechanical and technological items.

The University also accepts cultural gifts which can be sold, with the proceeds going into the USQ Student Endowment Fund, to support scholarships for future generations.

The USQ Cultural Gifts Program is administered in accordance with the gift provisions of the income tax law.