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USQ Council

The University of Southern Queensland Council is the University’s governing body. The Council (PDF 154KB), led by the Chancellor, sets the strategic direction of the University and is empowered under the University of Southern Queensland Act 1998 to do anything necessary or convenient in connection with its functions including specifically:

  • Appointment of staff
  • Management and control of the University’s affairs and property
  • Management and control of the University’s finances.


The Council's primary responsibilities are set out in its Charter (PDF 247KB).


Council may delegate its responsibilities to an appropriately qualified member of the University’s staff, a member of University Council, or to a qualified Committee. The power to make statutes or rules, or to approve the University’s budget may not be delegated. In addition, there are restrictions on Council’s ability to delegate approval of spending of special funding through bequests or donations.

Statutes, Policies and Guidelines – Council and Committees

Council Members

The membership of the USQ Council includes:

  • Chancellor (ex officio)
  • Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
  • Chair, Academic Board (ex officio)
  • five members appointed by the Governor-in-Council
  • up to three additional members appointed by the Council, at least one of whom must be a graduate of the University
  • one member of the academic staff of the University elected by and from members of the academic staff
  • one member of the professional staff of the University elected by and from members of the professional staff
  • one student member elected by and from the enrolled students of the University, other than students who are members of the University staff.

Committees of USQ Council

USQ Council is assisted in its operations by the following committees:

Meeting dates

USQ Council meets every 8 weeks at specific dates and times as outlined in the University meeting schedule.


Honorary Awards

Further information

For additional information on USQ Council and its Committees please contact the University Secretary, or Executive Officer (Council).