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Call for Nominations



Nominations are hereby called for the following categories of elected members to fill vacancies on the Tenth Council of the University of Southern Queensland for a four year term of office, from 7 October 2017 – 6 October 2021:


  • One (1) Member of the Academic Staff of the University, elected by and from members of the Academic Staff


  • One (1) Member of the Professional Staff of the University, elected by and from members of the Professional Staff


For the purposes of this election -

 ‘Academic Staff’ means:

(a) the University’s teaching and research staff, other than research assistants; and

(b) staff of the University whose instrument of appointment by the Council states they are members of the academic staff*.


‘Professional Staff' means staff of the University other than academic staff.


*As identified on the Human Resources database as at 4.00pm on Friday 7 July 2017.


In accordance with the Council Remuneration Policy and Council Remuneration Schedule, elected staff members will have an amount of $12,000 (2017 rate) made available to them, each year, to be used for research assistance, work relief, professional development, etc, as agreed with their supervisor.


Nominations must be made on the appropriate nomination forms:

 Nominations for the above two categories will close at 4.00pm on Friday 7 July 2017 and should be forwarded to:



The Returning Officer

Governance Office, Level 5, S Block

University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba



Any questions should be forwarded to Professor Mark Toleman, University Secretary or Ms Robyn Ivey, Executive Officer (Council).