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Meet Ann, SQNNSW Hub Knowledge Broker

Working with farmers, agribusinesses and communities in building more sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Ann is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland who has experiences in advisory, education, social and management research within agricultural businesses and industries. 

She had almost 30 years as an agronomist, educator and information/communications specialist with Queensland Government where she developed and ran farmer and industry advisory services, training and information products for the grains & beef sectors in northern Australia. She has a PhD in Agribusiness (UQ) in which she investigated information processes associated with rural innovation.

Ann has led research into farmer’s information needs in managing drought and adapting to climate variability and evaluated how environmental decision tools are adopted within rural communities to identify on-farm risks associated with climate variability. 

In her leadership role in Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries managing field crops and pastures communications and web initiatives, she developed project, state and national communications plans for over 70 research projects and established and maintained e-news, social media channels and national web portals. She undertook research with Queensland-based members of the Australasian Pacific Extension Network which guided their professional development program.

She has managed Government, International and national Industry agricultural communications accounts and was previously identified as one of Emerald Grain/Fairfax Media’s 100 Women in Australian Agribusiness.
Ann recently spent 5 years leading two international ACIAR Research Project Objectives to improve soil and water management in vegetable production in Laos PDR and Cambodia, which reported significant adoption of nutrient and irrigation strategies. She led research in Livelihoods analysis, Participatory Impact Pathways, and Supply Chain studies as well as leading the extension, adoption and communications components.
She has a background working with farmers, agribusinesses and communities in working towards more sustainable and profitable agriculture, and is looking forward to working across the Hub’s region with organisations and individuals to help build a legacy of drought resilience.