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Gumbi Gumbi Gardens Mobile App

Take a tour of the Gardens using our new App!

The App offers a window into local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences of history, culture, learning and everyday life. Elders share their stories and ideas giving you an unique opportunity to enjoy the Gardens through 'others' eyes and walk together toward reconciliation. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and is best experienced with a set of headphones.


  • Listen to the audio tour of 17 story-sites
  • Use an interactive map of the Gardens to locate the sites [which also links users to the audio for each site]
  • Find sites via the Search feature
  • View the all sites in list or salon style format 
  • Collect your favourite stops via the Favourite button
  • Access additional content for each stop via the More ^ button
  • Share stops via Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Increase or decrease the App font size
  • Enlarge the size of each site's photo


How much does the App cost?

  • The App is free to download

Where are the Gumbi Gumbi Gardens located?

  • The Gardens are located on the eastern side of the USQ Toowoomba campus, adjacent to Community Drive, which is the main campus entrance. northern side of the campus’s main entrance.  Check out the Toowoomba campus map for the Garden's exact location.

When are the Gardens open, and is there an admission cost?

  • The Gardens are open all the time, and there are no admission fees

What facilities are at the Gardens?

  • There are no toilets or BBQ facilities at this location, although water is available via bubblers. There is a small children's playground adjacent to the Gardens. Parking is available adjacent to the Gardens. USQ facilities - which can be accesssed during working hours - include toilets, a coffee shop, and a cafeteria.


If you have questions or comments regarding this App please contact Megan Cooper at or +61 7 4687 5848.