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Exhibitions and displays

For over a century, what is now USQ Ipswich, operated as the precinct of an institution catering for people with mental disabilities. The ‘Challinor Centre memorabilia’ exhibition shows a variety of artefacts used during the era.

The facility closed in 1994 and the site Heritage listed in 1996 and the precinct was re-purposed for use as a university campus. The University of Queensland occupied the site from 1998-2014, with the University of Southern Queensland acquiring the precinct on 7 January 2015.

Location: Ground floor, Library, USQ Ipswich.

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History of USQ 

This exhibition reveals the journey from the early development and establishment years (1960s), including examples of memories associated with University celebrations and anniversaries and the Distance and International Education program.

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Peter Rorke Exhibition 

A remarkable composer, musician and educator, Peter Rorke was Associate Professor and later Head of Music Program in the Faculty of Arts between 1977 and 1995. Professor Rorke was instrumental in setting up the USQ Music Department. He also founded the Toowoomba Concert Orchestra, the USQ Sinfonia, the student orchestra and opera at the University. The Peter Rorke exhibition is comprised of memorabilia associated with his professional life.

Peter Rorke Permanent Exhibition 

Professor Rorke received a number of prestigious awards for his valuable contribution to music including the Medal of Order of Australia (1995) and SAMI Award and Commendation – Television Society of Australia for Best Musical Program “The Fool on the Hill” (1976). Some of these awards and other memorabilia are on display in the Concert Hall (Q1101 Foyer, USQ Toowoomba).

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USQ Memorabilia Exhibition

A broad range of interesting objects can be found in this display, such as the official seals of the DDIAE and UCSQ, wine glasses, cups, bookmarks, keyrings, USQ’s European Studies Centre (Bretten, Germany) pewter plate, Melanchton medal, etc. The majority of these memorabilia have been donated by former USQ employees or students.

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Old Technology Exhibition

This exhibition provides a snapshot of the diversity of technology items previously used at USQ such as computers, calculators, office equipment, typewriters, etc.

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