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Geoff Brown, AO

Bachelor of Engineering

  • Alumni
  • Engineering & Built Environment

2017 Highly Commended Professional Alumnus

Geoff’s stellar military career in serving Australia began when he joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1980. After 11 years of serving as a pilot and an instructor, Geoff rose from various leadership positions before culminating in Chief of the Air Force, Air Marshal, a position where he proudly remained from 2011-2015. As Air Marshal, he had the immense responsibility of organising projects worth up to $3.5 billion dollars and was tasked with strategizing and developing plans and projects as well as influencing and interacting with the government and stakeholders.

Geoff made the effort to ensure the future air force would be fully equipped with technology and equipment, ordering and commissioning over 150 new aircraft while also reducing expenditure and the Air Force’s Sustainment budget by $200 million per year.

Geoff was also a leading champion for organisational change in the areas of recruitment and training, gender and cultural equality and safety and technology. For his service he has been given the title of Officer of the Order of Australia.

Today, Geoff continues to collaborate with and advise government leaders and international stakeholders as Director of the Williams Foundation and Mentor at the Centre for Strategic Defence Studies.

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