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Bachelor of Arts (Creative)

  • Alumni
  • Creative Arts & Media
  • International student
  • Toowoomba campus

2018 International Alumnus of the Year

Heidi Dugan graduated from USQ in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts (Creative). 

“You get a lot of Universities where they don’t know your name, they don’t know who you are. All of our teachers knew who we were, they knew our names, and they knew us inside out. And I think that is an incredibly unique thing for a university to be able to offer.”

Determined to gain experience and improve her career Heidi moved to China not long after graduation. 

Heidi has had extensive experience in the TV and media industry including becoming one of the first foreign TV hosts on Chinese television, an emcee, TV presenter and judge. 

Over 17 years ago she launched her very popular cooking show You Are The Chef which has been awarded the Best Foreign Language Program two years in a row. 

Her abundance of skills and knowledge from both Australia and China has also allowed Heidi to assist companies enter the China market. 

In addition, Heidi has published a cookbook titled Follow Me and Learn to Cook Like a 5 Star Chef. 

Bachelor of Arts (Creative)
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