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Jozef Borja-Erece

Bachelor of Laws

  • Alumni
  • Law & Justice

A global phenomenon

After graduation as the youngest Law graduate in the Southern Hemisphere, Jozef was admitted to the legal profession in the Supreme Court of Queensland. While he considers Law to be the social force which quintessentially binds us together and keeps the peace, Jozef is currently following an unexpected career path and precipitating positive change globally as the founder of Starlight Legacies - an interactive social phenomenon and collaborative movement which aims to promote global unity and respect, as well as the celebration of diversity in all forms.

'While I don’t think my direction was ever in doubt, I know my background in law and justice is what enabled me to have the cybernetic and philosophical familiarity with society necessary for this new project. Everything I learned and experienced through the years not only contributed to or enhanced my prospects of accomplishing what I set out to do, but made it possible.'

Jozef's life after graduation.
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