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Suresh Muttiah

Master of Business Administration

  • Alumni
  • Postgraduate
  • Business & Commerce

2017 Chapter Volunteer Alumnus of the Year

Suresh commenced his role as the Sri Lanka Chapter President in 2016, at a time when the Chapter was in need of strong direction and leadership in order to re-engage members.

He has worked tirelessly to reconnect members to the USQ Alumni Relations Office and as a result the Sri Lanka Chapter now regularly holds both social and professional development events to keep its members engaged. His enthusiasm and passion for the chapter has resulted in establishing close ties with the Institute of Chartered Account Sri Lanka (ICASL), a partner institution where many Sri Lanka-based alumni study.

Suresh has actively sought the help of both the USQ Alumni Relations Office as well as ICASL to grow the membership and take advantage of all social and professional development opportunities that are available. His dedication to ensuring the chapter has a significant presence at the ICASL graduation ceremonies is key in securing further membership.

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