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Drink Rite

Want to learn about alcoholic drinks through participation? Come join us for an interactive event and get yourself breath tested by the Queensland Police.
03 MAR 2021
6.00 PM - 9.00 PM
Steele Rudd College

Drink Rite is a Queensland Police Service program that aims to promote a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption and drink driving. 

Drink Rite involves an interactive standard drinks presentation and participation, by a number of patrons, who will have the opportunity to consume alcohol and be breath tested by a police officer. During the event the police officer will discuss with participants and audience members the results of the participants’ breath alcohol concentration testing and provide information on alcohol consumption, standard drinks and drink driving.

Drink Rite helps people learn about the alcohol content of different drinks and what constitutes a standard drink, and the effect these have on drinkers. It also illustrates how much variation there can be in the effect of alcohol from person to person, reinforcing the message that attempting to estimate your breath alcohol concentration level is difficult and not recommended. The program also promotes the benefits of counting your drinks and drinking low versus high alcohol beverages.

Drink Rite promotes a simple message to the public ‘if you are going to drink alcohol - do not drive.’