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Resident Student Club

All resident students are members of the Resident Student Club (RSC).  Each college has its own RSC Branch whose representatives are elected annually by you and your fellow students. These student leader representatives are responsible for arranging social events throughout the year, including formal and semi-formal dinners, informal social activities, excursions, sporting fixtures and inter-college events. The executive members and contact e-mail for each branch RSC are as below:  


  • President – Robert Maunsell
  • Social Coordinator – Djordja Vico
  • Sports Coordinator – Jaydon Munchow/Joseph Hayes
  • Treasurer - Jayden Alloway
  • Secretary - Mani Agrotis



  • President – Reece Medlyn
  • Social Coordinator – Sophie Twidale
  • Sports Coordinator – Christopher Jackson
  • Treasurer - Mitchell Gormley 
  • Secretary - Brianna Hynes


Steele Rudd

  • President - Kazlyn Steuer
  • Social Coordinator – Shaun Gannon
  • Sports Coordinator –  Alex Monk
  • Treasurer - Jared Mathews
  • Secretary - Nicola Parigi