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What is an alumni chapter and why be involved

An alumni chapter is a group of former USQ students who share a common interest and have decided to formalise their interactions with each other and USQ. Chapters may be organised as:

  • regional groups (country, city, region or campus)
  • educational areas (faculty or discipline area)
  • professional or industry area
  • special interest groups.

Benefits of being involved in a chapter include:

  • the opportunity to reconnect with your peers, and build your social, professional and business networks
  • making industry connections, sharing job opportunities and keeping up-to-date with latest professional trends and developments
  • connecting with USQ alumni chapters around the world for potential business or industry partnerships
  • public recognition of your achievements through  USQ Alumnus of the Year and International Alumni Awards
  • participating in or organising relevant professional development programs
  • meeting alumni from related fields of study, work and/or geographic locations to share ideas, organise events and socialise
  • playing an active part in mentoring programs for current students or early career alumni including sharing professional resources or tools for success
  • communicating alumni views, needs and interests to the University
  • directly assisting the USQ Alumni Advisory Committee to preserve, develop and maintain the standards of the University
  • being a bridge between the academic environment and workplace to encourage life-long learning and the pursuit of academic and professional excellence
  • opportunities to learn about USQ scholarships and how to give back to future USQ students.

If there is not already a USQ alumni chapter in your region or area of interest, you may consider starting one. Starting a chapter is a great way to meet and interact with other USQ graduates.