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What are they?

An Alumni chapter is a group of former students of the University who share a common interest and have decided to formalise their interactions with each other and USQ. Chapters may be organised as:

  • regional groups (country, city, region or campus)
  • educational areas (faculty or discipline area)
  • residential college
  • professional or industry area
  • special interest groups.

The focus of an individual chapter can vary, but may include:

  • networking and building social, professional and business relations with other USQ Alumni
  • keeping in contact with friends from the University
  • creating a support network in regional or isolated areas
  • having regular social gatherings
  • providing support to current USQ students in the area
  • raising funds for a scholarship nominated by the chapter
  • assisting USQ in achieving its objectives.

Alumni chapters are organised and operated in a formal way, with a committee selected from among its members. There are also Alumni groups, which are more informal than chapters.

If there is not already a USQ Alumni chapter in your region or area of interest, you may consider starting one. Starting a chapter is a great way to meet and interact with other USQ graduates in your area. Please refer to the USQ Alumni Chapter Handbook (*PDF 1633KB) for details about establishing a chapter. If you have any queries or require a New Chapter Application form, please contact the Alumni Office.