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Mauritius Alumni Chapter

The USQ Mauritius Alumni Chapter has been established to create and sustain networks among USQ graduates living and working in Mauritius.

The Chapter aims to: 

  • share important bonds among members by organising different types of activities
  • provide new opportunities among members for networking and involvement
  • act as ambassadors for USQ and promote the reputation of the University in Mauritius
  • provide professional help and valuable information to new graduates
  • organise professional development workshops/seminars in collaboration with USQ academic staff visiting Mauritius.

An extract from a letter from Chapter Chair, Dr Daneshwar Doobree

It is a great privilege for me as Chairperson of the Mauritius USQ Alumni Chapter to introduce myself to the International USQ family and give a brief introduction of our Mauritius Alumni. I feel extremely honoured to have been chosen by my colleagues to be the first chairperson of the Mauritius USQ Alumni Chapter which was established in June 2011.

As the Chapter Chair, I shall continue to provide a strong leadership to the Mauritius Alumni and inculcate team spirit among members to ensure participation to attain the objectives set. We also invite all USQ graduates in Mauritius to join the Alumni and take an active part in our activities.

Dr Daneshwar Doobree
B.A(Hons),MBA, MSc, DBA
Chairman - USQ Mauritius Alumni Chapter 

Events: Please keep an eye on your mailbox for future events organised by this Chapter.

Mauritius Chapter Committee Members

Dr Daneshwar Doobree
Degree from USQ: Doctor of Business Administration, 2009
Occupation: Head, Banking and Currency Division, Bank of Mauritius
Mr Khemraj Chamary
Deputy Chair
Degree from USQ: Master of Management, 2004
Occupation: Corporate Manager, Health & Safety, Rogers & Co. Ltd.

Ms Gitanjali Ruhee-Motah 
Assistant Secretary 
Degree from USQ: Master of Education, 2008 
Occupation: Research & Development Officer, Mauritius Examinations Syndicate

Ms Maryline Lan Chun Wah Fee Min
Assistant Secretary
Degree from USQ: Master of Education (Leadership & Management) 2013
Occupation: Education Officer


Mr Rajendra Sewpersadsing
Degree from USQ: Master of Education Technology 2005 
Occupation: School Inspector, Ministry of Education

Mrs Lucie Sooyin Leve Hang
Assistant Treasurer
Degree from USQ: Master of Education 2011
Occupation: Assistant Rector, Loreto Convent College

Mr Geerendra Gocool
Committee member
Degree from USQ: Master of Project Management, 2012
Occupation: Head-Finance & Administration, State Investment Trust

Mr Govin Appavoo
Committee member
Degree from USQ: Master in Training and Development, 2008 
Occupation: Senior Coordinator, Mauritius College of the Air

Mr Sanjaye Lukhoo
Committee member
Degree from USQ: Master of Education, 2006
Occupation: Coordinator, Mauritius Institute for Training & Development
Mr Pascal Gaspard
Committee member
Degree from USQ: Master of Education, 2008
Occupation: Educator, Ministry of Education
Mr Krishna Mauremootoo
Committee member
Degree from USQ: Master of Business Administration, 2005
Occupation: Head–Finance & Administration, Baie du Cap Estates Group


Contact details

Dr Daneshwar Doobree
USQ Mauritius Alumni Chapter
c/o Bank of Mauritius
Sir William Newton Street
Phone: (230) 206 5606
Email: Dr Daneshwar Doobree

Ms Gitanjali Ruhee-Motah
USQ Mauritius Alumni Chapter
257 ,Royal Road
Phone: (230) 798 3925
Email: Ms Gitanjali Ruhee-Motah 

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