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USQ Event submission form

  1. Please enter required fields. If you would like an attachment or image added onto your Chapter webpage or email message, select ‘attach file’ from the same window.
  2. Upon saving/submitting the event it will go through an approval processes.

Criteria for events

Only events that meet certain criteria will be displayed on the USQ events calendar and sent through the USQ Alumni mailbox.

Criteria include:

  • Submit only 1 event per Chapter or Organisation per week
  • 48 hour submission deadline:  nothing goes out without two working days’ notice
  • RSVP date is more than 5 working days away or will not be sent
  • Events must be run or sponsored by USQ, USQ partner organisations or USQ must have a prominent involvement or presence at the event.

USQ is not responsible for publishing incorrect details.  We will not re-confirm information submitted.  Please double check the day, date and time of your event, confirm the venue, location, cost, RSVP details and other information relating to the event.  Please also check grammar, spelling and structure.

Event list maintenance

  1. If events are cancelled or details change, please inform the Alumni team as soon as possible via email.  The listing will not be deleted, but updated to reflect the change i.e. new listing would state ‘USQ Kansai Alumni Chapter Christmas Party postponed’.
  2. Submission turnaround: please allow 48 hours from addition of full event details on the USQ Calendar of Events and up to 5 business days to be sent through the alumni mailbox.

Further information

For further information, please contact the Alumni team in the Alumni and Advancement Office, Students and Communities Division.

Add your event.