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Recently, the Alumni office heard about the story of Education graduate, Gumraithong Jane Hokking. She has a passion for teaching and helping to develop and nurture the talents of those around her, particularly the village children she has been working with in Brunei and Thailand: 

At the moment, I am in Brunei, tutoring students at home. My husband is also an Alumnus who actually teaches at a government school here. I always enjoyed my time as a student at USQ. The University was my first choice in Australia and gave me the chance to complete my course by distance education.

Since graduating with my MEd however there are still many challenges that confront me. I want to inspire the village children here to be proud of themselves and carry their cultural traditions with them. Apart from the students I am also becoming a best seller among others in the community who use my work to help them learn English. I’m now into the second edition of a book I have published about education in Thailand. I like to think that in some small way what I’m doing will have a positive influence on many others.

I’m sure there are others who also share my passion for teaching and in helping to develop and nurture the talents of those around them.
- Gumraithong Jane Hokking