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The Mauritius Alumni Chapter according to Dr Daneshwar Doobree, Chapter Chair


 Dr Doobree, Chapter Chair

The Mauritius Alumni Chapter began when our colleague Vicky Padaruth contacted USQ about what was involved with starting a chapter. Vicky then helped us to elect the executive members of the USQ Mauritius Alumni Chapter. Due to professional commitments, Vicky was unable to take an active part in the executive committee but was important is establishing the chapter’s foundations. USQ graduates in the area felt the chapter would offer a great way to pursue common objectives. They were enthusiastic about the idea of creating a valuable network amongst USQ graduates in Mauritius.

The main objectives include, inter alia,: to provide new opportunities among members for networking and involvement; to promote an exchange program between the USQ Faculty members and the Mauritius Alumni Chapter as well as to promote the association nationally and internationally thereby ensuring its growth and survival.

The Mauritius Alumni Chapter consists of several committee members and some are outlined briefly below. For more detailed information about executive members please visit the USQ website.

Chapter Chair
Dr Daneshwar Doobree: Head of Banking and Currency Division at the Central Bank of Mauritius. He obtained a Doctorate of Business Administration from USQ in 2009.

Vice Chapter Chair
Mr Khemraj Chamary: Corporate Manager-Health & Safety at Rogers & Co ltd. He attained a Master of Management at USQ in 2004.

Ms Parvattee Proag: Nurse Educator/ Part time lecturer at the Central school of Nursing, Ministry of Health and Quality of life/HRDC. She graduated from USQ in 2009 with a Masters in Nursing.
Mr Rajendra Sewpersadsing: School Inspector at the Ministry of Education & Human Resources. He attained a Master in Education Technology in 2005.

If you are considering joining our chapter or another chapter in your area, we encourage you to do so and for several reasons as explained by Mr Chamary and Ms Ruhee-Motah below.

Mr Khemraj Chamary-Vice Chairman of USQ Mauritius Alumni Chapter:
"After graduating in 2005, I felt isolated and knew only one student who had embarked on a similar course with USQ. When I was invited to join the Alumni, I saw an excellent opportunity to meet others and to be affiliated with a wider body with prospect for national recognition. The second reason was to create an opportunity to help new students obtain USQ qualifications. With an increasing number of members, to move a USQ qualification from the realm of being just a good reference to a much sought after qualification.”

Ms Pretty Ruhee-Motah - Assistant Secretary of USQ Mauritius Alumni Chapter
“I think the Chapter provides an ideal platform to meet, create and pursue projects/ideals we hold for ourselves, for the group of graduates we are and for the country. As a committee member, I decided to be actively involved in the Chapter to ensure I play a key role and contribute in those ways. I like to think that as a USQ graduate, I have been able to make a real difference in bringing to others what USQ brought to me in the broadest sense. Playing the role of an Ambassador for USQ is one way of showing gratitude for all USQ has given to me.”

The Mauritius Alumni Chapter has planned a couple of events before the end of 2012 including:

  • The official launching of the Alumni by a USQ Staff visiting Mauritius
  • The annual get-together of members in December 2012

Looking forward into 2013, the chapter aims to:

  • Attract more members
  • Host an event that will promote the chapter, for example, hosting a conference /seminar/talk or producing a website about the chapter
  • Fund raising activities to raise awareness
  • Attract sponsorships

Every chapter faces challenges and the Mauritius chapter is no exception. Here are a couple of issues, the chapter is facing. Do you have any solutions for them? If so, please contact, Dr Daneshwar Doobree, Chapter Chair.

The biggest challenge for the Mauritius Alumni Chapter is organising and managing the functions of the chapter to suit all members. Given the professional commitments and tight schedules of everyone it becomes a pretty daunting task at times to group people for a specific function. Another major challenge relates to fundraising. It is difficult to finance the activities and events of the chapter and we will be working on this in the coming months.

If you would like to join the dynamic team of USQ Mauritius Alumni Chapter please consider your answer to these questions. If your answer is yes, yes, yes, join now by contacting Dr Daneshwar Doobree, Chapter Chair.

  1. Want to unleash your potential as a professional?
  2. Want to make a difference in your community/country?
  3. Want to leave a footprint as a USQ graduate?