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Who is a USQ alumnus?

Once you graduate from USQ, it’s not goodbye but hello alumni. You automatically become part of the USQ Alumni Network – a growing network of more than 93,500 alumni scattered across 146 countries around the globe.

The word alumnus is derived from the Latin word alere – meaning to nourish. In general terms it means ‘a person who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college or university’. The USQ Alumni Network encompasses all graduates, as well as former staff members, of the University and any of its predecessor institutions (QITDD, DDIAE or UCSQ).

At USQ we want to continue to nurture the relationship with our students beyond graduation. The USQ Alumni Network is about keeping you connected with USQ, with other USQ alumni and with your future.

As a USQ alumnus, you’re a valued part of the University community and, as such, entitled to a range of benefits and special offers. If you studied at USQ, no matter how many years ago or how recently, please ensure you stay in touch.

After all, you’re a Phoenixian for life!