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Alumni Ignite

Through our Alumni, USQ embrace diversity of ethnicity, religion, age, gender, culture, cognitive ability and life experiences. Our Alumni have acceptance of, and respect for different cultures, the ability for cross-cultural communication, and a comprehensive understanding of global and local issues. The university is passionate about instilling in our alumni the ability and resources to make a difference where they are located and through global programs.

We encourage our Alumni to make a difference in the world by uniting together for common causes; igniting passions – fulfilling lives.

By participating in the IGNITE program, USQ Alumni unite to make a difference when they:

  • Inspire – motivate others to achieve their dreams
  • Give – funds to support education through bursaries and scholarships and provide practical assistance to students to support their learning journey
  • Nurture – encourage personal and professional growth
  • Impart – share knowledge and experiences
  • Time invest – provide time investment in your community, your region, your alumni chapter, to students, to fellow alumni
  • Explore – be involved in collaborative research projects or support ground-breaking research activities undertaken by the university.

There are four ways of being involved in the IGNITE program: