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Community Service

The university recognises our alumni are inspired individuals and are equipped with the tools to develop their own initiatives. We encourage our alumni to support local and community programs as a Chapter.

Why not approach local community groups and see if you can assist either through volunteering your time, expertise or support them through fundraising? Representing your USQ Alumni Chapter will assist not only in the promotion of your chapter but also increase your personal profile in the community.

Supporting local charities is great; people coming together to help other people in their own communities. Your community as a whole will be directly benefiting from your work. A big issue for many charities is administration costs. So what if you could offer your services to offset some of these costs? 

  • If you’re an accountant, can you help with their tax returns or financial books? 
  • If you’re a business owner can you offer to support through equipment or services?

By taking away the stress of day-to-day running of the charity you may improve the morale of the other volunteers and the other charity workers.

One of the best ways for a charity to find more supporters is to know more people. Can you connect others with the charity and introduce people of influence in your circle of friends and colleagues/connections, who in turn could introduce their friends and connections? We can sometimes think donations are the only way to support a charity, but time, connections and other support can have a longer lasting impact than any donation.

By assisting charities and local community groups you are not only providing support, but showcasing your Alumni Chapter as a unified group of community minded people who are interested in supporting local endeavours. You may also find other USQ Alumni you can ask to join your chapter.

The USQ Alumni & Advancement Office would be delighted to receive photos and stories for the newsletter about your community involvement, so please email your chapter stories to us.