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For more than forty years, USQ has been a regional educational centre providing study programs through on-campus, off-campus and online study for local and international, undergraduate and graduate students alike. The generosity of alumni and friends enables USQ to pursue our educational mission of developing a knowledgeable and cultured society enriched through learning, scholarship, research, intellectual engagement and social equity. As a university graduate, you can give funds to support Alumni Scholarship or various university projects and help ensure future generations of students, who are following in your footsteps, achieve their full potential.

Your gift can directly support: 

  • undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the world 
  • university faculties and departments 
  • university areas of need 
  • buildings and campus development.

USQ has more than 80,000 alumni, so our ability to help the students of today and the graduates of tomorrow to reach their potential is enormous. By continuing to engage with and support USQ, you can carry on making a real difference to the Learning, Teaching and Research programs which started your professional journey. Continue to be a part of the USQ journey, and share our achievements by helping others reach their goals.

Your gift can: 

  • change lives by funding scholarships 
  • help attract the best academics 
  • support innovation and development 
  • develop advanced resources and facilities

Regardless of the amount, every gift is important to us:

  • gifts to USQ can be unrestricted; used where the need is greatest, or, restricted to a specific Faculty, person or project 
  • gifts can be made for immediate use, or to provide perpetual funding through an endowment 
  • they may be made in honour or in memory of someone 
  • the university welcomes outright gifts of cash, gifts in kind, real estate or property 
  • USQ appreciates bequests, trusts and planned gifts.

As a USQ Alumni Chapter we encourage you to think about how you can support university projects, either through supporting local students to attend university, when this may be financially unachievable for certain individuals, or supporting a research project, or donating to other alumni or university projects. Working together as a chapter to raise funds for the university provides an opportunity to give back to the University when your individual capacity may not be able to do so at this current time in your life.