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USQ Reunions

USQ Reunions - How time has changed 

Reunions contribute to university life, culture and tradition. They provide us with an opportunity to celebrate the USQ story – our growth and our success, especially that of our alumni. 

Events like reunions allow us the opportunity to come together as a whole and reminds us we are a part of a great community of very special people – the USQ Alumni Network.

Holding a reunion is an excellent way to renew old friendships, develop business and community networks and discover changes that have taken place at the University.

Why not host your own reunion?

Want to host your own reunion? The USQ Alumni Relations Office can help you locate your fellow graduates and assist with the effective coordination and management of your reunion. Contact us to discuss your ideas and we’ll guide you through the planning process. In the meantime, download a copy of the USQ Alumni Reunion Toolkit [800kb] for details on how to organise a successful reunion.


Confused about your graduating class? 

Your graduating class is the year of your graduation ceremony. This is noted on your testamur - the certificate you received at your graduation. If you did not attend your ceremony, you may have received this in the mail.

For many USQ alumni, your graduating class may not necessarily be the same year you completed your studies. 

For example, Ally Usq finished her studies for her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism in November 1999, but her graduation ceremony wasn’t until April 2000. Therefore Ally is part of the graduating class of 2000.

However, Sro Sam completed her studies for her Bachelor of Business at the end of Semester 1 in June 2010 and graduated in September that same year. Sro Sam is therefore part of the 2010 graduating class.

If you have any queries about your year of graduation, contact the Alumni Relations Office.