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PLaN: Partners in Literacy and Numeracy

USQ is committed to developing the world’s finest initial teachers. The School of Education is acclaimed nationally and internationally for the quality and relevance of our Pre-Service teacher education programs. We work with schools to provide the best possible experiences for our Pre-Service Teachers, while assisting you with the students you are teaching today. Partners in Literacy and Numeracy involves Pre-Service Teachers working in your school to assist small groups of students for literacy and numeracy.

Expressions of interest

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How does it work?

Schools will work out their requirements for literacy and numeracy assistance and will offer times and groups available. Pre-Service Teachers will make a commitment to suitable time-slots and work with teachers to provide suitable literacy and numeracy support. Your students will be engaged in literacy and numeracy activities with a motivated Pre-Service Teacher with no cost to the school.

What do schools get out of it?

Schools will have passionate Pre-Service Teachers who can work with small groups of students. The Pre-Service Teachers assist teachers to further develop the literacy and numeracy of their students.
Pre-Service Teachers who have undertaken part or most of an education program and have knowledge about how children learn, curriculum and pedagogy.

What do Pre-Service Teachers get out of it?

Pre-Service Teachers are provided high quality teaching and learning activities. Experience working with small groups of students in their local schools. An opportunity to undertake professional experience within the same school. Creating and collecting evidence against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, Graduate Level.

Which schools can be involved?

  • Secondary
  • Primary
  • Special Education
  • Rural
  • Metropolitan schools
  • Childcare
  • Education Queensland
  • Catholic
  • Independent schools

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Mrs Vicki Christopher