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Communities of Practice

Administration Coordinators CoP

Members of Administration Coordinators CoP

The Administration Coordinators CoP was founded in 2009 to support its members in their professional activities.

What is the role?

ACCoP works to facilitate communication between Administration Coordinators in all faculties. Members talk about issues and practices in common but are also interested in expanding their knowledge of other area functions by regular invitations to guest speakers.

ACCoP has a particular interest in evaluating models of practice and sharing their findings. For example, they might communally develop or redevelop an operational strategy to improve efficiency in a particular area, and then communicate their ideas to Faculty Managers. To facilitate these processes, the community established a Sharepoint site to:

  • record and pool resources such as Reports and statistics
  • provide an issue-tracking list
  • develop and record ideas on a discussion board
  • remind members of forthcoming guest speakers and activities.

Future development

ACCoP intends to maintain member enthusiasm by ongoing resource development and by continued interaction with leaders and thinkers from other parts of the university through ongoing invitations to guests and guest speakers.

For enquiries, please contact Eve McIntyre.