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Communities of Practice

Research Supervisors (CoP-RS)


 CoP_RS Meetings

The CoP-RS is facilitated by Professor Aileen Cater-Steel and Professor Peter Albion. The CoP-RS meets every six weeks and is sponsored by Professor Mark Harvey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) and supported by Professor Peter Terry, Director, (Research Training and Development) and Human Resources.

What is the focus?

The CoP-RS is committed to providing a growth environment for research supervisors. As such, it has a specific practice focus.

CoP-RS is in alignment with the objectives of the fIRST consortium and demonstrates national and international good practice to staff involved with research supervision. The fIRST project provides additional resources.

There is an Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) project Research Supervision Toolkit available for reference.

What is the role?

CoP-RS meetings provide an informal opportunity for research supervisors to share experiences and acquire knowledge and resources to develop their supervision capability and enhance the learning journey of post-graduate research students. Past meetings have discussed matters such as:

  • 2013-2015 USQ Research Plan
  • The challenges of supervision and suggestions to overcome problems
  • Identifying training needs
  • Identifying available training for supervisors and HDR students
  • Policy and procedures related to HDR Supervision
  • Developing an effective supervision relationship
  • Consistency across research programs.

The meetings are usually hosted from the Toowoomba campus with video conferencing to Springfield and Ipswich campuses. They run for 2 hours from 12pm – 2pm.  Meetings open with feedback about any research supervision initiatives in progress, followed by the “Building our domain knowledge” portion of the meeting which is designed to create a common ground and sense of common identity among supervisors.

The lunch break is  considered community time where those attending meet and interact to create a network across institutional boundaries and outside their regular workgroups. Lunch is followed by the “Sharing our Practice” portion of the meeting where the community develops to be effective in the domain of research supervision.  

The CoP was established in 2009 by Professor Aileen Cater-Steel and Associate Professor Jacquie McDonald to meet needs identified in a USQ Learning and Teaching Fellowship project.  

Enquiries about the CoP-RS can be made by emailing or by contacting co-facilitators Associate Professor Thomas BanhaziDr Petrea Redmond (currently on Academic Leave) and Associate Professor David Thorpe