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Communities of Practice

Community of Practice for Tablet PCs (CoPT)

 Members of the Tablet PC CoPT
Members of the Community of Practice for Tablet PCs

The Community of Practice for Tablet PCs (CoPT) began in early 2009. The CoP members are previous users of Tablet PCs, as well as new users who have just purchased a Tablet PC or are using one of the Fellowship tablet PCs.

What is the focus?

The community has a strong focus on sharing innovative ideas on the learning and teaching application of Tablet PCs and networking across the university, as well as providing support for new users of the technology.

Through the community, website participants:

  • share good practice examples
  • describe what they are doing and its impact on student learning
  • share new ideas
  • trouble shoot if there is a technical or pedagogical issue.

What is the role?

The CoPT performs a valuable role by:

  • supporting academics
  • providing resources
  • sharing
  • professional development.

How is it funded?

Tablet PCs and graphics tablets were purchased for all faculties through a USQ Senior Learning & Teaching Fellowship. The Fellowship also funds teaching relief for the Fellow to support individuals and groups in the use of the technology.

How can you get involved?

The community site is a closed site, with access to registered users only. To become a participant, you will need to be a USQ staff member, and be a user of tablet technology (this includes graphics tablets). For general enquiries or to be invited into the community site, email Linda Galligan, Carola Hobohm or Andrea Lamont-Mills.