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Communities of Practice

Engineering Education Research Group (EERG)

The Engineering Education Research Group was formed within the Faculty of Engineering and Surveying (FoES) in April 2007. It began with twenty members including staff from other faculties and divisions. The group has grown significantly since this time and its research outputs continue to rise.

What is the focus?

EERG promotes excellence in learning and teaching through professional development, active research and publication on learning and teaching matters. the focuses of the EERG are:

  • providing mentoring and peer support for its staff and enjoys strong links with the Faculty of Sciences, Library and LTS.
  • attend development sessions and seminars offered regularly through LTS
  • maximise research, academic scholarship and professional development opportunities
  • provide assistance and encouragement with conference attendance, publications and publication opportunities, and co-operative work on funding applications.

What has the EERG achieved?

Since 2007, members have published forty-three peer-reviewed articles in conference proceedings, published in thirteen journals and contributed to three book chapters. Members have also contributed to a number of conferences. EERG is proud to have seen individual members awarded with ALTC citations, Teaching Awards, ALTC Grants and external grants.

For enquiries, contact A/Prof Lyn Brodie.