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Communities of Practice

International CoP

 International CoP
 Members of the International CoP

The International CoP began in July 2008. Members are individuals from Faculties and Sections. They are involved in, and share an interest in, supporting and improving the University of Southern Queensland's international learning and teaching.

What is the focus?

To share practice and knowledge to improve learning and teaching experiences, outcomes and support services to USQ local and international staff, partners and students.

Issues identified by members include:

  • academic professional development, including staff induction and minimum standards for staff
  • tutor approval process – to put into agreements for staff employed by partners and USQ
  • increase awareness of different student cohorts
  • student interaction – to foster wide use of online discussion boards
  • internationalising curriculum – the need for a global perspective.

What is the role?

Activities of the CoP include:

  • build communication practices and share resources between members
  • support the learning needs of staff and students
  • support the teaching needs of academic staff
  • cooperate with other University support services, such as DeC,LTSU and ICT to assist their international activities
  • establish international initiatives to support partner staff and students
  • contribute to regulations and preparation for teaching offshore
  • share resources for designing an internationalised curriculum
  • support international students onshore
  • support international students offshore
  • share resources for managing operational aspects of international partnerships
  • contribute to education partner manual.


Contact Sandy Sharman for enquiries about the CoP.