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Communities of Practice

Learning and Teaching Services CoP (LTS CoP)

 Members of the LTSU research CoP
  Inaugural members of the LTS CoP

The Learning and Teaching Services Community of Practice (LTS CoP) began its life in August 2008. The members of the community are LTS staff members interested in building or expanding their research capacity. However, membership is not exclusive, so those from other departments who may wish to attend should in the first instance contact the Facilitator for more information.

What is the focus?

The Learning and Teaching Services Community of Practice (LTS CoP) focuses on encouraging LTS staff (and interested others) in their research endeavours and in the scholarship of learning and teaching in higher education. LTS staff work closely with academic staff from across different faculties, and their roles include academic development and student support. To perform these roles successfully, evidence-based practice is essential, making research and scholarship is a central element of such practice.

What is the role?

The role of this community is to facilitate LTS staff in their pursuit of quality research and scholarship by sharing good practice in the areas of:

  • research methods
  • practical support (e.g. ethics applications)
  • review of applications, draft publications, and conference papers
  • development of LTS and faculty colleagues' expertise in research
  • identification of opportunities for collaborative research
  • developing topical networks - encouraging established staff to mentor early career staff in their particular specialty areas
  • building capacity and sharing resources
  • identification of professional development opportunities to meet shared goals of professional practice.

Further information

Generally this CoP meets 6-8 times a year on a Tuesday morning from 11am to 12pm.

For those interested in attending please contact the CoP Facilitator A/Prof Jacquie McDonald.