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Communities of Practice

Faculty of Sciences CoOP

Michael De Raadt, Lorelle Burton and visiting scholar Keith Willey 2009The Faculty of Sciences formed its CoOP in 2008, originally to facilitate the First Year Experience of its students in four disciplines: nursing, psychology, mathematics and computing, and biomedical sciences. It has since broadened its focus to provide support for students at all levels, as well as academic staff.

What is the focus?

The CoOP is faculty-focused and committed to:

  • providing support by sharing models of good practice in its staff
  • building synergies across disciplines
  • maintaining a balance between the learning needs of its students and the ongoing professional development of its staff
  • providing a forum for review and enhancement of teaching practices, including assessment
  • enriching the student learning journey.

What is the role?

The CoOP sees good communication as a tenet of its success. It will keep building on its strengths in this regard as it continues to promote efficiency in learning and teaching, through its meetings and through its strong relationship with LTS.

Further information

Contact Prof Lorelle Burton with any enquiries.