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Communities of Practice

Staff on Study (SoS)


L-R: Claire Ryan, Roxanne Parker, Kerry Wilkie, Marisa Parker, Kym Davis

The Staff on Study (SoS) Community of Practice was founded in 2010 to support staff that are working at the University and undertaking study. Staff may be engaged in TAFE, undergraduate, post-graduate or research initiatives at USQ or with other institutions.

What is the focus?

The focus of the CoP is to offer

  • Support and guidance to staff who are studying

What is the role?

The SoS CoP seeks to build a positive fellowship for staff across faculties, departments, disciplines and levels to enhance staff's ability to undertake study initiatives with successful outcomes. It is intended to

  • Provide an environment to promote capacity-building to staff to successfully undertake their studies
  • Provide a collaborative community in which to network and share knowledge

What is the goal?

  • It is our goal to collectively offer support so that staff are able to achieve their study goals

How can you get involved?

  • Join the SoS mailing list by logging a job with ICT
  • Join the SoS Moodle site for online resources, forum chats and meeting information