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Communities of Practice

Learning And Teaching Research and Publication Syndicate (FoA)

 Members of the Faculty of Arts CoP at a meeting
Members of the Learning and Teaching Research and Publication Syndicate at a meeting

The Learning And Teaching Research and Publication Syndicate in the Faculty of Arts assists syndicate members to build their learning and teaching research capacity through:

  • sharing existing expertise
  • fostering the identity of learning and teaching researchers in the Faculty and pride in that role
  • peer-reviewing each others' work
  • identifying priority areas to improve the Faculty's learning and teaching research outputs
  • creating pedagogically sound, evidence-based teaching and learning research resources
  • promoting research and scholarship in teaching and learning in the Faculty, and
  • facilitating peer mentoring to foster participation in Faculty research initiatives.

Proposed syndicate outcomes include:

  • the submission of a joint/collaborative research paper to a DEST approved journal
  • the submission of individual or collaborative learning and teaching research papers by syndicate members to appropriate DEST approved journals
  • growth in members' research confidence and competence
  • positive flow-on effects for disciplinary research and Public Memory Research Centre research foci, and
  • the potential development of an ALTC research grant application.

Contact A/Prof Jill Lawrence with any enquiries about the CoP.