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As part of an ALTC Teaching Fellowship (McDonald, 2010-11) at the University of Southern Queensland members of the well established Communities of Practice (CoPs) engaged in a CoP "Rehearsal for Life" workshop that combined the techniques of theatre practitioner Augusto Boal with the theories and practices of CoPs.

As part of our workshop we examined the central role of what Boal calls the Joker in his Theatre of the Oppressed, and the links that it has with a CoP Facilitator. Both roles focus on building and sharing information, empowering communities and enhancing learning and teaching practice. As a group we engaged in activities that challenged us to explore problems that we face as Facilitators; capacity building, communication breakdown, problem solving and ensuring the cross-fertilisation of information between parties.

This video will extend upon what Boal’s theories are, and also how they are applicable to that of the CoP Facilitator. Please feel free to use this resource as an introduction to discussing and building upon the roles of those within your community, and even as a guide to experiencing this approach for yourself. 

Boal workshop 

Ari Palani, Workshop Facilitator, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre) USQ
USQ CoP Facilitators, Ms Jennifer Bundy, and USQ Media Services