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CoP members have undertaken research and publication on the communities of practice at USQ.

USQ Community of Practice Publications

Lawrence, Jill and Sankey, Michael D. (2008) Communities of practice: a sphere of influence enhancing teaching and learning in higher education. In: ANZCA08 Conference, 9-11 July 2008, Wellington, New Zealand.

McDonald, Jacquelin and Star, Cassandra (2008) The challenges of building an academic community of practice: an Australian case study. In: HERDSA Conference 2008: Engaging Communities, 1-4 July 2008, Rotorua, New Zealand. (In Press)

McDonald, Jacquelin and Collins, Pauline and Hingst, Raymond D. and Kimmins, Lindy and Lynch, Bernadette and Star, Cassandra (2008) Community learning: member's stories about their academic community of practice. In: HERDSA Conference 2008: Engaging Communities, July 1-4, Rotorua, New Zealand.

McDonald, Jacquelin and Star, Cassandra (2007) Making meaning of women's networks: a community of practice framework. In: 2007 International Women's Conference: Education, Employment and Everything... the Triple Layers of a Woman's Life, 26-29 Sept 2007, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

McDonald, Jacquelin and Star, Cassandra (2006) Designing the future of learning through a community of practice of teachers of first year courses at an Australian university. In: The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning, 6-8 December 2006, Sydney, Australia.

Sankey, Michael D. and Lawrence, Jill (2008) I'm not alone: first year course leaders helped through communities of practice. In: 5th International Lifelong Learning Conference: Lifelong Learning: Reflecting on Successes and Framing Futures, 16-19 June 2008, Yeppoon, Australia.

Star, C & McDonald, J. (under review, a). Situated Professional Development for Tertiary Educators: A Community of Practice Approach, Studies in Higher Eduation.

Star, C. & McDonald, J. (under review, b). CoPping it Sweet: The state of play of CoPs in higher education, Higher Education.

Other References

If you are interested in reading more about CoP in higher education see our suggestions below:

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