2005 Course specifications

This section contains information on each course approved for the University's teaching programme for 2005. A course is the smallest component of a program of study to which a separate final grade is awarded. Clarification of terms used within Course specifications are available from ALSOnline.

Courses are divided alphabetically by the first three letters of the course code, and then numerically by the subsequent four digits within the course code. For example, if you are looking for CMS1000 Communication and Scholarship, you should choose 'C' from the list below and then scroll down to locate CMS1000 from the subsequent list.

Please note that course specifications are subject to change. External students will receive the final version of the course specification in the Introductory Book for each course, which forms part of the study package. On-campus students will be advised of details of the current course specification via the USQ website and/or in material issued to or purchased by the student at the commencement of the semester. Online students will be advised of the current course specification via the USQ website.

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