2007 USQ Course specifications - G

Course Description Sem ONC WEB EXT
GBE1001 Professional Experience 1 S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
GBE1002 Professional Experience 2 S2 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
GBE2001 Professional Experience 3 S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
GDE3001 Learners and Learning S1 Toowoomba     WEB  
S2   Fraser Cst   WEB  
GDE3002 Contexts and Environments S1 Toowoomba     WEB  
S2   Fraser Cst   WEB  
GDE3003 Planning and Teaching S1 Toowoomba     WEB  
S2   Fraser Cst   WEB  
GDE3004 Guiding and Managing S1 Toowoomba     WEB  
S2   Fraser Cst   WEB  
GDE4005 Assessing and Reporting S1       WEB  
S2 Toowoomba     WEB  
GDE4006 Relating and Collaborating S1       WEB  
S2 Toowoomba     WEB  
GDE4007 Ethics and Professional Practice S1       WEB  
S2 Toowoomba     WEB  
GDE4008 Graduate Internship S1       WEB  
S2 Toowoomba     WEB  
GER1001 Introductory German A S1 Toowoomba        
GER1010 German 1A S1 Toowoomba        
GER2002 Introductory German B S2 Toowoomba        
GER2003 Introductory German C S1 Toowoomba        
GER2004 Introductory German D S2 Toowoomba        
GER2010 German 1B S2 Toowoomba        
GER2021 German 2A S1 Toowoomba        
GER2022 German 2B S2 Toowoomba        
GER3001 German 3A S1 Toowoomba        
GER3002 German 3B S2 Toowoomba        
GIS1401 Geographic Data Presentation S1 Toowoomba       EXT
GIS1402 Geographic Information Systems S2 Toowoomba       EXT
GIS2403 Land Management Systems S2         EXT
GIS2901 Geographic Information Systems Practice 1 S3         EXT
GIS3404 Geographic Data Visualisation S1 Toowoomba       EXT
GIS3405 Spatial Analysis and Modelling S2 Toowoomba       EXT
GIS3406 Remote Sensing and Image Processing S2         EXT
GIS3901 Geographic Information Systems Practice 2 S2         EXT
GIS4407 Web Based Geographic Information System S2         EXT
GPE1001 Professional Experience 1 S1         EXT
GPE1002 Professional Experience 2 S2         EXT