2007 USQ Course specifications - H

Course Description Sem ONC WEB EXT
HIS1001 Introduction to Australian History S2 Toowoomba       EXT
HIS1003 World History Since 1500AD S1 Toowoomba       EXT
HIS2000 Contemporary Australia S1 Toowoomba       EXT
HIS2001 Race Relations in Australian History S2 Toowoomba        
HIS2004 Approaches To History S2         EXT
HIS2005 The Emergence of Modern Europe S2 Toowoomba        
HIS3000 Special Study in History S2         EXT
HIS3001 Nationalism and Revolution in Southeast Asia S1 Toowoomba       EXT
HIS3002 The Twentieth Century S2 Toowoomba        
HIS4001 War and Society S2 Toowoomba        
HIS4002 Topics in Asian History S1 Toowoomba        
HIS4004 Modern European History S2 Toowoomba        
HMT4001 Honours Dissertation A S1 Toowoomba        
HMT4002 Honours Dissertation B S2 Toowoomba        
HSC8050 Research Methodology for the Human Sciences S1         EXT
HUM7001 Provisional Studies 1 S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
S3 Toowoomba        
HUM7002 Provisional Studies 2 S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
S3 Toowoomba        
HUM7003 Provisional Studies 3 S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
S3 Toowoomba        
HUS7001 Introduction to Computing Basics S1         EXT
S2         EXT
HUS7002 Nguya Goolpanie? What Did You Say? Study Skills S1         EXT
S2         EXT
HUS7003 Imbala: Hearing to Understand: Thinking to Write S1         EXT
S2         EXT
HUS7004 Indigenous Cultural Studies S1         EXT
S2         EXT